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Join Todd in protecting our values, our families and our way of life.

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Committed to protecting home

He’s one of us. As the son and grandson of coal miners, Todd chose to practice law in the place he calls home and for the people he calls family. His commitment to protecting our future is personal. He has achieved award-winning results for our children. He has been featured on CNN and appointed by two Kentucky governors (a Republican and a Democrat) to advise the president and Congress on juvenile justice issues. Todd was the founding president of Western Kentucky Teen Challenge – a faith-based solution to the drug epidemic at no cost to the taxpayers.

Todd P’Pool has delivered results for you and your family.

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A Promise to Protect

An accomplished prosecutor, overseeing 10,000 cases a year

Your Children

Todd P’Pool has received the Outstanding Performance Award from the Kentucky for Health and Family Services for five consecutive years. He has collected over $25 million for Hopkins County children. He offers his bipartisan support to agencies across Kentucky and provides innovative ideas and techniques to maximize results.

Your Values

Todd is a pro-life conservative that believes strong communities are safer communities. He is a champion of coal and coal families. As a legal advisor to local government, Todd has stood strong against an aggressive liberal agenda to attack Kentucky coal and our way of life.

Your Family

Todd P’Pool handles nearly 10,000 cases per year with a conviction rate of 95%. He is the only local prosecutor trained by the Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force (ICAC) and has successfully prosecuted over 150 dangerous sex offenders. Todd’s technical training and experience provide your family with a prosecutor who can relentlessly combat the growing threat of cybercrime.

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